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=Article=Nasionalisme Penyebab Runtuhnya Khilafah Pemersatu Umat Islam

About 14 centuries ago, has stood a superpower that makes the Islamic faith as a foundation for the establishment. A country that is able to unite the brotherhood of man in the frame on the basis of Aqeedah, the Aqeedah of Islam. That Daulah Islam (Islamic State), which was proclaimed by the Prophet Shallalahu 'alaihi wa sallam in Madinah Al-Munawarah are then forwarded by the successor state relay leadership starts from the first four caliphs to expire during the Ottoman Caliphate on March 3, 1924 ago .
Since the collapse of the Khilafah in 1924 that Muslims resulting totaling 1.57 billion live in a fragmented state on behalf of the nation-state or nation state. As a result, each individual Muslims do not belong together either in feeling, thought and system / rules, so gone are the life of Islam which is based on aqidah and syariah Islam in their lives in the community.
Between Aqidah Islam and Nationalism
Islam is a religion that consists of aqidah and syariah. Aqidah as a basis for thought and Islamic sharia as a living system as well as a living system. Mahmud Syalthut stated, "In Islam, the creed is the basic foundation (al-ashl) who built the Shari'a. Sharia reflection aqidah. Hence, there is no law without the presence of the creed. Nothing except the application of Islamic law under the auspices of the Islamic creed. Because , Shari'a without based creed as the building without foundation. "
Sentence Tawheed, Laa ilaha illa Allah, Muhammaddarasulullah is a sentence that binds Muslims to each other. Aqeedah is what causes the melting companions Abu Bakr Arabic with Salman who came from Persia with Bilal the Ethiopian people by Suhaib derived from the Romans. There is no bond other than a bond Aqeedah at the time the bond between friends in the time of the Prophet and afterwards to the people before the Ottoman Caliphate collapsed, nor tribal or ethnic ties, including ties nor Nationalism.
Nationalism by Hans Kohn is defined as "a state of mind in individuals who feel that the highest devotion is to the nation and the homeland". Nationalism indeed absurd idea, does not contain a definite sense, which arises from the passions of ignorant selfishness alone.
Nationalism is not a viable idea to awaken mankind. Because in a revival, we need a thorough thought (fikrah kulliyah) about life, the universe, and humans, as well as some thoughts about life to solve the problems of life (Taqiyuddin An Nabhani, 1953).
Nationalism causes destruction of the Khilafah
What is the relationship between nationalism and the destruction of the Khilafah? According to Zain and Ahmad Najah MA, nationalism is believed to be the main cause of the collapse of the Ottoman Caliphate. Citing historians Mahmud Shakir in the book Tarikh Ottoman Islamic Dawla, Najah mention that the means to destroy the power of the Islamic government in Turkey it is time to turn nationalism.
Perhaps the most important thing is that the group moves to spread nationalism, they do not have the means to undermine the movement Daulah Islamiyah except with "spreading nationalism". Therefore, they work hard to achieve that goal. It turns out that nationalism is an important element in weakening the power of Daulah Islamiyah, because Muslims, nationalism, will be scattered, each at odds; each wants to join the clan and his group, wants to break away from the power Daula. Suffice it to move to the breakaway strength kotaklah be compartmentalized beings. Thus, Daula and disconnected networks will weaken and eventually collapse. So it goes. (Mahmud Shakir, Tarikh Islam, Maktab al-Islami, 1991 M, VIII / 122).
Starting from the emergence of various propaganda towards nationalism pioneered by Unity and Development Party, they started the movement by downloading the Turkish-Daulah Utsmaniah in Turkey. To sustain this preaching, they made the wolf (god of the Turks before Islam) as symbols of the movement. (Muhammad Muhammad Husain, Ittijâhât Wathaniyah, II.85)
Party led by Ahmad Rida and centered in Paris is also trying to spread hostility toward Arabs, including by any attempt to remove the Ministry, Interior Ministry, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who was held by the Arabs, to replaced with the Turks. They also tried to restrict the privilege granted only to Turkish nation Utsmaniah alone. (Muwafiq Bani Marjah, Sulthan Abdul Hamid and Utsmaniah Caliphate, p. 174)
The movement made the Arabs furious. As a result, in a short time sprung movement "Arab fanaticism" and quickly spread throughout the region Utsmaniah government, like in Egypt, Sham, Iraq, and Hijaz.
Starting from the court of the earth Sham, fanaticism is growing and enlarged to various countries. Fanaticism is intended to subvert Utsmaniah Caliphate held by the Turks. More ironically, this fanaticism is controlled by Lebanese Christians can people, who have been nurtured in Western education. Among the characters are Namir Faris and Ibrahim Yasji. Movement of Arab fanaticism is driven further by Negib Azoury, a Christian employee Ottoman rule in Palestine. He managed to publish a book Le Revell de la Nation Arabe. In his book, he expressed his idea to create an Arab empire that has natural limits, namely: the Valley of the Euphrates and Tigris, the Indian Ocean, the Suez Canal, and the Mediterranean. This idea obviously would encourage separatism faster creation of the Arab territories of the Ottoman rule. (Azyumardi Azra, Islam and the State: Experiments in Modern Period)
In the years 1914-1918 World War I; opportunity for the Arab nations to secede from the Caliphate Utsmaniah. They want to establish a "Caliphate Arabiyah" as unmatchable. This opportunity is not wasted England to destroy the power of Islam.
Europe understands very well that the divisions between Arab and Turkish Islamic forces resulted in weak, as was revealed by Muhammad Abduh:
Indeed, the Arabs capable of ousting the Turks from the seat of the Caliphate. However, the Turks were not willingly granted. Moreover, at that time the Turks have a military force that is not owned by other parties. With it they will attack and kill the Arabs. So if the two powers weakened, Europeans are becoming stronger. They have long to wait between the Muslims fight, then trying to master both the nation or the weakest one. And this time the Arabs and the Turks are the strongest nation in the Muslim body. Therefore, as a result of the fight between the nations, will obviously be weaker strength of Islam as well as a shortcut meunuju demise. (Dr. Muhammad Emirate, Al-Jam'iyah al-Islamiyya wa al-fikrah al-Qawmiyyah, Dar asyu-Syuruq, 1414-1994, p. 53, 54).
Knowing such, diutuslah "Lorence", spionis British Jewish upbringing, who were later known as the "Arab Lorence". After preparing everything, finally managed to hit the Arab revolution Utsmaniah power of the Caliphate in Turkey, of course, under the guidance and direction of this Arab Lorence.
Arab armies gather and unite with foreign powers. Long before the conspiracy to destroy the Khilafah Utsmaniah done, the British had promised Sharif Husayn, Makkah magnifying the time, that if the Caliph Utsmaniah fall then Sharif Husain will be the caliph replacement.
But in reality, after the plan was successful and the war was over, the British reneged on that promise. Two representatives were invited Sharif Husain in the handover ceremony held in Jeddah was not present. Even at that time the British open secret that had been kept, which turns out three large countries (Britain, France and Russia) have colluded to divide the territory between them Utsmaniah Caliphate. At the same time, Mustafa Kemal had managed to seize the reins of leadership of the family Utsmaniah. It seems it had been planned much earlier, when he led the movement Kamaliyun, who conduct their activities underground. This movement had the full support of the International Masuniah movement. (Dr. Jamal Abdul Hadi, Al-mujtama 'al-Islami al-Mu'ashir, Al-Wafa', I / 59).
Peak, at the end of Mustafa Kemal Luzone Conference receives 4 English terms proposed to recognize the new power in Turkey. The four conditions are:
1.Remove the Khilafah system;
2. Alienate family Utsmaniah beyond borders;
3. Proclaimed the establishment of a secular state;
4. Freezing property and possessions Utsmaniah family. (Mahmud Shakir, Tarikh al-Islam, VIII / 233).
After six centuries led the world, to defend the glory of Islam and Muslims, "The Old Sick-Man" finally collapsed. Collapsed not because of attacks from the enemies outside, but in the hands of his own sons. After the fall of the last bastion of the Muslims, the Arabs realized that they had been fooled seduction England and unconsciously took part in the overthrow of the Ottoman Caliphate. However, they are not able to do anything else.
Fake Hadith spread
There is one more way that is used by the kuffar at that time to further divide Muslims, but remain tied in bonds of falsehood nationalism, ie, by creating and disseminating hadith which until now very familiar in our society. Namely hadith which reads:
حب الوطن من الإيمان
That is, "Love the country, including the faith".

The phrase "terminal Wathon hubbul faith" (love of homeland part of faith) is often considered the hadith of the Prophet Shallalahu 'alaihi wa Sallam by nationalist leaders, preachers, and the preachers were less steeped in the science of hadith and hadith. The goal is to plug in nationalism and patriotism with religious arguments to be more firmly believed Muslims.
Sheikh Albani honor when asked about this hadith he said, "And the meaning is not true. Because of love as well as love of country life and property; someone is not commendable to love her cause because it is human nature. Did you see that all human beings participate in this love , both pagan and believer he! "
When asked why this could spread false hadith, then Al-Hafiz al-Shawkani said, "Historians have underestimated the hadiths express falsehood about the primacy of the country, much less their own country. They are very underestimated once, to the extent mentioned false hadith and not warn him, as did Ibn Dabi 'in Tarikhnya entitled "Qurrotul Uyun bi Akhbaril Yemen Al-Maimoon" and other books entitled "Bughyatul Mustafid bi Akhbar Medina Zabid" when he includes hadith scholars. then should one be aware of This belief or narrated, because the problem lies in the widespread and exceeded the limits. All it is is human nature are to cintah homeland and hometown ".
That is the poison of nationalism kufr idea. An idea that Muslims are able to pulverise institution called the Islamic Caliphate. The only institution kaffah implementing Islamic law, which unite into one community.
Rabb (Lord) we are one which Allaah
Muslims only believe in one God who created the universe ini.Tuhan that must be worshiped, honored and obeyed his orders and prohibitions shunned, and only they hung all her affairs. Almighty God ie Allaah. Allaah says:
Say, "He is Allah, the Almighty". (QS. Al-Ikhlas 112: 1)
God is a god who depend on Him all affairs. (QS. Al-Ikhlas 112: 2)
Book us that the Qur'an
Muslims believe the Qur'an as a guide to life, which govern all of their affairs. In which there are laws that resolve all matters. Therefore, in case of disagreement between them, then they return to the Koran to get a solution to the problem. And they will accept the decision with full readiness. Allaah says:
ويوم نبعث في كل أمة شهيدا عليهم من أنفسهم وجئنا بك شهيدا على هؤلاء ونزلنا عليك الكتاب تبيانا لكل شيء وهدى ورحمة وبشرى للمسلمين
(And remember) the day (when) we raise in every nation a witness against them from themselves, and We bring you (O Muhammad) be a witness over all mankind. And We have sent down to thee the Book (the Qur'an) to explain all things and guidance and mercy and good tidings for those who submit. (QS. An-Nahl 16:89)
One which our Prophet Muhammad Shallalahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam
What is given to you then accept him Apostles. And what he forbids you then leave; and bertaqwalah to God. Verily Allah is severe in His punishment. (QS. Al-Hashr 59: 7)
Our Qibla ie the Kaaba Baitullah
Muslims make the Kaaba as the qibla which unites them carefully. All Muslims face toward Mecca when the prayer as the most important worship in Islam. Wherever they are, they must expose his face towards the holy Kaaba Baitullah. And in every season of Hajj Muslims from all over the world flock to this place to respond to the call of God to them by performing Hajj. And for those who do not come to this place because there are no costs can work Salaah at their respective places with the same face as the expression of togetherness. Allaah says which means:
And (remember) when We gave to Abraham in the place where the House (saying), "Do not to associate nothing with Me and purify My house is for people who tawaf, and those who worship and those bowing and prostration. (QS. Al-Hajj 22:26)
And cried out to the man to do the pilgrimage, they will come to you on foot and camel riding skinny coming from every corner of the remote. (QS. Al-Hajj 22:27)
Leadership we are also one the Khilafah
"Islam makes Muslims as a people are one, uniting them in a single state, giving the priests for them to govern the country and the people are one, which is in charge of enforcing Islamic and control various affairs within the limits set by Islam." (Dr. Abdul Qadir Ouda, Al Islam wa Audho'unaa As Siyaasiyah, p. 278, Muassasah Ar Risalah, 1981)

Hopefully, people are increasingly aware that the cause of these people torn diffusion is caused by the understanding of falsehood called nationalism, so that people will increasingly fling the idea and returned to make the Islamic faith as the basis of forming a bond, the Islamic Aqeedah. And earnestly strive to be upright again Caliphate. Because there is no glory without Islam. Imperfect Islam without shariah. Kaffah would erect Islamic law in the absence of the Daulah Khilafah. However, not upright Daulah Khilafah without proselytizing. Da'wah ideological re-daulah berjuangan to uphold Islamic Caliphate Islamic life that could happen again. And Allah knows best bi-sowab ash
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